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Professional Storage Audit Services in Farmington Hills, MI

Professional Storage Audits in Michigan | FTECH Organization & Storage - Professional_Audit_ServiceFTECH creates the most storage in the smallest amount of space for each and every business

When a business realizes that it isn’t utilizing its office or industrial space properly, creating an efficient storage system is imperative. However, sometimes figuring out how to create an optimal storage solution is a difficult concept. Questions such as “Which shelving products do I need?” “Will they fit in the space allowed?” and “How many can I fit in one room?” can make organizing seem like a total chore instead of a great benefit for your business. Luckily, FTECH Organization and Storage has all the answers for our clients and can provide a solution for your business.

Our Audit Process

After we discuss your storage needs, we schedule a time to visit your office or industrial space. When we arrive, we learn more about your business and what exactly your goals for storage include. We take a survey of the environment, noting the dimensions of the rooms and spaces you’d like our solutions installed. We ask about material and color preferences for your future shelving, as well as discuss the objects you’ll need to store in order to understand the strength needed of the shelving units. We can then evaluate your current off site storage costs, putting together an in-depth space efficiency audit. This will discuss your current storage needs, how much money you can save by storing the needed goods in-house and then creating a plan for how we can optimize the amount of storage needed in that area. We take care of all the tough questions so you can sit back and wait for your custom storage system to be installed!

Benefits of a Storage Audit:

More Space for More Products – Our audits allow for the consolidating of your current files and/or products onto storage racks, creating valuable space for more products, employees or files in your office. 
Accessibility and Safety – When products or files are put onto shelves and organized, accessing them is much easier. Your employees will be able to locate important documents, and anything that should be placed out of the way for safety reasons remains out of others’ hands.
Minimizing Clutter – The results of our audits keep your products and supplies organized by creating a specific plan as to where certain products go.

Contact FTECH Organization and Storage to schedule your free storage and organization audit today!

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