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Residential Shelving Solutions Detroit | FTECH Organization & Storage - Salt_Oak_closet(1)Clean Up Your Clutter with Sturdy Storage Shelving

Never underestimate the importance of household storage. From insurance paperwork to family heirlooms to the deeds to the house itself, your home hosts no shortage of items that you would not want to lose. However, many homeowners place these items in their garages, where they have little protection against the elements, pests or gradual wear and tear. FTECH Organization and Storage helps local families keep track of their prized possessions. By installing customized home and garage shelves, we provide secure, accessible areas for our clients to place important documents and valuable goods. With our storage solutions, no family in Michigan will have to worry about losing an item that is important to them.

Custom Shelf Installation for Any Location in Your Home 

Every family’s storage needs are different, and a convenient location in one home may be far out of the way in another. The FTECH Organization and Storage team is trained to install shelves in whatever spot works best for you. We have experience offering storage solutions for a range of different areas, including:

  • Closet Systems- We provide closet systems, to help you most efficient use all of your closet space
  • Garage Shelves - Garages are the most popular place for residential storage. Whether it be tools, athletic gear, household chemicals or general storage. We have a solution to store these items in the most efficient way, maximizing available space.
  • Workspace Shelves - FTECH Organization and Storage has experience in commercial shelf sales as well as residential storage. This means that if you are setting up a home office, we can easily install shelves for all of your business equipment.

The FTECH Organization and Storage team has more than 25 years of experience providing residential shelving in Southeast Michigan. You can be confident that we have worked on a house similar to yours, and will have little trouble finding convenient, effective storage spaces.

No matter what you are trying to store, the FTECH team can find a solution that keeps it safe and accessible. For more information on our residential services or to purchase shelves, contact us today.

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