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No business survives without understanding that time is valuable, as it is critical to minimize delays. Few sources of delay are more common than poor organization. If your employees need an essential document or piece of equipment and don’t know where to find it, they will spend minutes searching that they could have spent working. Add these minutes up, and you could be losing thousands of dollars per year due to lost productivity.

FTECH Organization and Storage stops productivity losses in their tracks. By producing business labels, barcodes, color codes and other organization options, we help you and your employees locate any item or device you need. This streamlines your business process, lowers operating costs and lets you conduct all your operations quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Business Labeling

With more than 25 years of experience in business label sales, the FTECH Organization and Storage team has seen exactly how improved labeling can help your daily business operations. The benefits of labeling take many forms, including:

  • Retrieval - With a label or coding system, the risk of losing some essential item is minimized. Your business can continue all the operations involving that item without skipping a beat.
  • Minimizing Mistakes - Besides helping you find each item, labels and codes make you less likely to grab the wrong document or device by mistake. By creating separate labels for things that you often mix up, you lower the risk of error in your production process.
  • Flexibility - Labeling and coding are the first steps to designing a comprehensive storage system. With such a system in place, your business will be able to take on new information with ease, allowing you to expand your operations at minimal cost.

Don’t think of labeling as an expense; consider it an investment in your company. The better you are at organizing your information and equipment, the higher your earnings and lower your losses are for the long haul.

Comprehensive Consultation & Many Labeling Methods

The first step in enhancing your organization process is to determine what types of labels will serve your business best. In an in-depth consultation, FTECH Storage and Organization will review your information and equipment needs and help you decide whether to use:

  • Standard Labels - For many businesses, it’s enough to simply post labels describing what each storage area holds. We print those labels legibly and affordably in whatever size works best for you.
  • Color Codes - Color coding allows you to make quick associations between the shade of a label and the stored items it indicates. This is ideal for items that you have to achieve quickly without much prior thought.
  • Barcode Tags - Placing a barcode on different shelves or cabinets allows you to bring up detailed information on the contents of that storage area— a valuable feature if you store large numbers of items in complex ways.
  • Interior Indicators - Tab folders, color strips and other labels make it easy to organize the contents of file cabinets and quickly retrieve individual items.

Custom and Stock File Folders

At FTECH Organization and Storage we offer a variety of folder styles, but understand that your needs may be unique. Use our Folder Designer to create your very own folder. It's easy and fun to build the perfect folder to fit your needs, just click on Start Now to begin!  Or call us to help you design the folder that works best for you!


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