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Are you wasting money & time on misfiled documents & items? Misplaced, misfiled or just plain missing documents can cost your business more than you may think! This basic business truth is more valid today than ever before. For over 10 years, FTECH Organization and Storage has designed, installed and consulted filing systems for every size business, from a single physician's office to giant corporations, law offices, school districts and government organizations.

Since 1991, FTECH Organization and Storage has helped residential, commercial and industrial customers store, organize and label products, inventory, supplies, and home goods more efficiently. Our determination to evaluate and understand each project independently results in the best solution for each customer that routinely meets and exceeds expectations.


For maximum space efficiency, FTECH Organization and Storage's designers will configure your office or archives to increase the productivity of your staff.


To ensure that you are getting the most out of your storage system, FTECH will survey your existing storage environment, review your storage needs and then provide a storage assessment.

Why Choose Our Shelving For Your Home?

Never underestimate the importance of household storage. From insurance paperwork to family heirlooms to the deeds to the house itself, your home hosts no shortage of items that you would not want to lose. However, many homeowners place these items in their garages, where they have little protection against the elements, pests or gradual wear and tear. FTECH Organization and Storage helps local families keep track of their prized possessions. By installing customized home and garage shelves, we provide secure, accessible areas for our clients to place important documents and valuable goods. With our storage solutions, no family in Michigan will have to worry about losing an item that is important to them.

Garage Storage Shelfs

Garages are the most popular place for residential storage. Whether it be tools, athletic gear, household chemicals or general storage. We have a solution to store these items in the most efficient way, maximizing available space. FTECH Organization and Storage has experience in commercial shelf sales as well as residential storage. This means that if you are setting up a home office, we can easily install shelves for all of your business equipment.

Mobile Shelving

If you need as much vertical space as possible in the smallest of areas, the Aurora Mobile Low Profile is the perfect option. Its carriage is 4", which is able to meet the ceiling height restrictions of sprinkler codes. They have premium aisle safety locks to keep them in place and come in many different finishes to fit in any office environment.

aurora woodtekWoodTek Shelving and Cabinetry

With the warmth of wood and the strength of steel, WoodTek storage systems offer all the flexibility you need for projects both large and small. Designed with dozens of height, width, and depth options, these storage systems come in ten wood finishes and a wide selection of painted finishes. They're topped off with beautifully crafted crowns and end panels for an aesthetically appealing look. They aren't just gorgeous shelves, they also support the heaviest of documentation and books.

Other features include:

  • Increases filing capacity
  • Minimizes floor space requirements
  • Faster access and retrieval
  • Protection and security
  • Fully-welded steel carriages
  • Decorative end panels
  • Ergonomic handles
  • ADA approved
  • Total storage system manufacturer-carriages and shelving
  • New Gloss-Tek textured paint finishes


We've used FTECH for years. They've provided expert services on finding the best products to fit unique spaces as well as our fulfilling our regular needs for chart maintenance. I would highly recommend them to anyone. - Children's Eye Care
The 48th District Court sends out quote requests for our file needs each year to prospective companies. Each company is asked to send a sample file(s) to the court along with a quote. FTECH has quality files at a reasonable price and the court has used them for our file needs since 2011. Their customer service is also exceptional and any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. - Civil Division

If you're looking to improve your storage solutions with Mobile Shelving from FTECH? Contact us today for professional solutions at affordable prices. Homes, businesses, hospitals, fitness centers and more!

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