Quality File Storage in Novi MI

Professional Filing Storage & Shelving Solutions for Novi Businesses

Aurora Storage Shelving Systems are very diverse, ranging in configurations for books, binders and bulk storage. They are a diverse commercial shelving option and can hold a full range of sizes, from legal to letter to x-ray size. They come in 26 standard colors to choose from and have a wide arrangement of accessories including magazine doors, newspaper racks and pull-out reference shelves.

aurora rotary filesRotary Cabinets

Rotary Files are the ideal storage system when efficient, flexible and aesthetically appealing records storage is essential. The unique back-to-back storage system rotates for quick, easy access to letter-size or legal-size files from one or two sides. Innovative design provides flexibility, cost savings and security, incorporating the best of all available filing features.

aurora woodtekWoodTek Shelving and Cabinetry

With the warmth of wood and the strength of steel, WoodTek storage systems offer all the flexibility you need for projects both large and small. Designed with dozens of height, width, and depth options, these storage systems come in ten wood finishes and a wide selection of painted finishes. They're topped off with beautifully crafted crowns and end panels for an aesthetically appealing look. They aren't just gorgeous shelves, they also support the heaviest of documentation and books.

aurora mobile low profileMobile Shelving

If you need as much vertical space as possible in the smallest of areas, the Aurora Mobile Low Profile is the perfect option. Its carriage is 4", which is able to meet the ceiling height restrictions of sprinkler codes. They have premium aisle safety locks to keep them in place and come in many different finishes to fit in any office environment.

Other features include:

  • Increases filing capacity
  • Minimizes floor space requirements
  • Faster access and retrieval
  • Protection and security
  • Fully-welded steel carriages
  • Decorative end panels
  • Ergonomic handles
  • ADA approved
  • Total storage system manufacturer-carriages and shelving
  • New Gloss-Tek textured paint finishes

Why Choose Our File Storage?

Depending if your company is a doctor's office, large corporation or a small mom and pop shop, knowing where appropriate information is located is imperative. Companies of all types gather sensitive information on their workers and customers, rely on market research for successful publicity and need cutting-edge data on their products. If your firm has trouble finding any one of these data, it may be unable to operate successfully.

Filing Options for Every Size Business

Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all solution, FTECH Organization and Storage provides many different filing systems for our customers. These include:

  • Aurora Cabinets - This flexible system of filing cabinets expands and contracts whenever you need it to. It is easy to store large quantities of carefully organized items without taking up excess floor space.
  • Particle Board Shelving - For files that you have to access on a regular basis, consider choosing a particle board rack. Not only does this allow you to pick up and put down items with ease, but it can be easily moved to any room, following you and your employees as you need it.
  • Wire Shelving - For documents that you don't need every day but must be kept safe, consider installing a set of wire shelves.

Contact FTECH Organization & Storage for the best File Storage throughout Novi. Save time and money - Keep your business organized the right way! Get a consultation today!

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