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Industrial Storage Racks Farmington Hills | FTECH Organization & Storage - solutions-industrialReliable Storage Racks: Balancing Security with Flexibility

When it comes to materials in an industrial environment, it is essential to keep goods safe from moisture, thieves and other sources of loss or damage. This typically means placing them far out of harm’s way. However, if an item is too remote, people in your office won’t be able to access it, meaning there is little value to having it in the first place. Industrial storage racks provide a happy medium between these two extremes. Placing essential items on heavy duty storage racks keeps them off the floor and away from various threats, but nonetheless leaves them in plain sight so employees can easily get to them.

FTECH Organization and Storage offers a range of industrial storage solutions to Metro Detroit businesses, allowing you to organize your warehouse in a safe but accessible manner.

Customized Storage Racks Enhance Your Business's Success

It’s easy to forget how important something as simple as storage is to your daily operations. By installing a set of quality storage racks, you can:

  • Improve Productivity - Since it is so easy to lay items down and pick them back up from storage racks, employees will barely have to think before getting office supplies and documents. This eliminates a source of delay in the workplace, boosting productivity for everyone involved.
  • Maximize Mobility - Besides being easy to use, industrial racks are also highly mobile. You can move them to any room you are using as soon as you enter, giving you the flexibility to operate anywhere in your building at any time.
  • Protect Your Documents - Heavy duty racks keep your items far above the ground and in plain sight. This makes it easy to safeguard them from damage, no small matter for documents and equipment that your firm needs to function.

FTECH Organization and Storage wants all businesses to take full advantage of these benefits. By boosting your productivity and minimizing losses, we add clear value to your business, more than making up for the cost of shelving.

Dependable Organization from an Expert Storage Service

While racks are an important first step to keeping your documents and equipment organized, they alone do not guarantee accessibility. If your business loses track of which racks house what or where those racks are located, there won’t be much benefit to installing them in the first place. For this reason, FTECH goes beyond installing shelves alone, supplementing them with services to help you organize each shelf of your racks.

Chief among our organization services is color coding. By assigning separate colors to shelves and racks holding different kinds of items or located in different locations, we speed up the sorting process and let your employees know exactly where to find what. In addition, we can print clear, legible labels to place on your shelves. We also provide tab folders, expansion pockets and a range of other resources to further enhance organization.

FTECH Organization and Storage spares no expense to keep your office efficient. For more information on racks, labels and other storage solutions, contact us today. 

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