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In the business world, one quickly learns to conserve every resource as carefully as possible, and few resources matter more than space. By making the most of every inch your firm controls, you can store essential equipment and records without needing to expand your premises or pay more in rent. Industrial shelves are among the most effective resources for taking advantage of existing space. FTECH Organization and Storage provides high-quality commercial shelves to businesses throughout Metro Detroit. By setting up extra storage space, we allow you to organize the items you need in an efficient, affordable manner.

The Benefits of Investing in Business Shelves

With more than 25 years of experience in commercial shelving sales, FTECH Organization and Storage has seen firsthand how installing additional storage space can benefit your business. An extra set of shelves allows you to:

  • Optimize Organization - Once you have put multiple levels of shelving in different areas of your building, you can devote each level to holding different types of items. It will then be easy to find particular items whenever you need them, as you will know exactly where to look.
  • Protect Critical Pieces - If you install heavy duty shelves in secure locations, they can keep your items safe from flooding, thieves and a wide range of other threats. This is invaluable if you are storing sensitive records, expensive equipment and other items that you cannot afford to lose or damage.
  • Save Floor Space - File cabinets, bins and other ground storage items take up the space that you and your employees need to move around. Shelves, on the other hand, hang above you, presenting little barrier to movement. Your business can continue to operate at full productivity.

In providing commercial shelf installation services, FTECH Organization and Storage is careful to consider the unique challenges and requirements of your business. We make sure our shelves address those factors, providing a storage solution that is perfectly tailored to your company.

A Wide Array of Commercial Storage Options

Business shelves come in many different shapes and sizes, and FTECH Organization and Storage is committed to opening up all your options. We can install:

  • Aurora Units - One of the most flexible forms of standing shelf, Aurora Mobile shelves roll up together to save floor space and then expand out when you need to store something new. This is ideal for maximizing indoor movement while keeping stored items secure.
  • Wire Shelving - Ideal if you need to quickly set up or move new storage areas, wire shelves also give you a clear view of exactly which items are located in each location.
  • Particle Board Shelving - Designed for high-traffic areas, particle board shelves are best as temporary storage spaces. They allow you to pick up and lay down items with ease, a useful feature for paper, pens and other office supplies.

In addition to providing many different forms of shelving, FTECH Organization and Storage also prints labels, creates color codes and supplies filing resources. Our goal is to raise the efficiency and security of your company’s storage system. 

For more information or to order commercial shelves for your office, contact us today.

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