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Flexible Filing Solutions for Businesses in the Farmington Hills, MI Area

Business Storage Solutions in Michigan | FTECH Organization & Storage - callout-shelvingOffering the Most Efficient Filing Systems to Keep Your Business Profitable

Depending if your company is a doctor's office, large corporation or a small business, knowing where appropriate information is located is imperative. Companies of all types gather sensitive information on their workers and customers, rely on market research for successful publicity and need cutting-edge data on their products. If your firm has trouble finding any one of these data, it may be unable to operate successfully.

FTECH Organization and Storage is committed to providing you with business filing systems that keep track of all essential information. By advising you on the best filing options for your business and then installing them, we ensure that you’ll never be unable to locate the data you need to be successful.

Business Storage Solutions in Michigan | FTECH Organization & Storage - aurora_woodtekComprehensive Consultation Services for New & Changing Companies

Every firm’s storage needs are different, which is why FTECH Organization and Storage begins each job by assessing your unique requirements and finding a solution that works for you. During a consultation, we consider all of the items that you need to store, any unique threats to those items and how frequently you will need to retrieve them. We then create a filing system that meets every one of those requirements efficiently and affordably. After this, we install your custom system. 

Filing Options for Every Size Business

Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all solution, FTECH Organization and Storage provides many different filing systems for our customers. These include:

  • Aurora Cabinets - This flexible system of filing cabinets expands and contracts whenever you need it to. It is easy to store large quantities of carefully organized items without taking up excess floor space.
  • Particle Board Shelving - For files that you have to access on a regular basis, consider choosing a particle board rack. Not only does this allow you to pick up and put down items with ease, but it can be easily moved to any room, following you and your employees as you need it.
  • Wire Shelving - For documents that you don’t need every day but must be kept safe, consider installing a set of wire shelves.

FTECH has more than 25 years of experience solving commercial storage needs. No matter how unique or complex your business is, we’re prepared to provide filing systems that work.

Color Codes, Labels & Other Filing Resources

In addition to providing a secure place to put your documents, FTECH allows you to organize those storage spaces for easy access and retrieval. To do this, we offer detailed color coding systems, which assign a different color to each cabinet or set of cabinets that you use. By consulting the colors, you and your employees can easily find any particular item.

Besides color codes, we can also print labels for your cabinets. We make sure these are fully legible and contain all of the necessary information without seeming cluttered or confusing. Labels and color codes help you find particular cabinets, but don’t necessarily make it easier to search through those cabinets. We supplement them with:

  • Tab folders
  • Color-coded labels
  • Expansion compartments
  • Hanging folder pockets
  • Customized cabinet indices
For more information on filing cabinets and other office storage options, contact us today!

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